About the Collection

Something for Everyone! It is a unique collection that will amaze you!



The Golden Pioneer Museum gives the visitor a unique look into the lives of early Americans, both Native and the settlers who came in the 1800s. The Early American Pattern Glass collection is abundant with rare examples of some of the finest American made pieces from the late 1800s and early 1900s including:

* One of the largest collections of Carnival Glass in the Midwest

* Stunning examples of Vaseline glassware, Black Amethyst glassware, Custard glass, Flo Blue, rare pieces of Klondike glass (including two Snyder vases), a large collection of toothpick holders, and numerous other types of rare glass

* There are many other collections in the museum that include pocket watches, baseball cards, watches, guns, lunch boxes, rose bowls, as well as Civil War battlefield items.

In addition to the man-made treasures, the museum has a large collection of rare mineral items such as the following:

* Believed to be the world’s largest turquoise carving, made in China from a 68 lb. nugget

* The largest double-terminated single quartz crystal, weighing 1,250 lbs

* A giant quartz crystal cluster, weighing over 4,000 lbs

* Rare mineral specimens from around the world


3 thoughts on “About the Collection

  1. Anything in your Museum from the Harbert family they were my ancestors and for one of the first pioneer families that settled golden


    1. Hi! Thanks for reaching out to us. Unfortunately we don’t have anything from the Harbert family. Also, we are based out of Missouri. Sometimes people get us confused with the museum in Colorado.


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