There are several outstanding collections of glassware in the museum: Vaseline Glass, Northwood, Carnival Glass, Flo Blue, Rose Bowl, Ruby Red, Custard Glass (Rare pieces of Nutmeg, Blue, and Maize), Phoenix Glass, Northwood Glass, Verre D’or Glass, Ruby and Amber Stain Glass, Hobnail Glass, 1000+ pieces of Cut Glass, Hawkes Glass, Riverside Glass, U.S. Glass (1899 Delaware), McKee Glass, Indiana Glass, Union Glass, Northland Glass, Tiffany Glass, Stevens & Williams Glass, Fenton Glass, Steuben Glass, Hobbs Glass, Brockunier Glass, Mt. Washington Glass, New Martinsville Glass, Pair Point Crystal Glass and Consolidated Glass Companies. The museum also houses the largest collection of butter dishes known as well as over 1,000 toothpick holders. There are three black light rooms throughout the museum to highlight some of the reactive glass.



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